The Meandering Camera
the photography of Steve Shubert
Photography is my way of appreciating - and trying to capture - the beauty and wonder of God's creation. The Bible tells us "the whole earth is full of His glory" and from childhood, I've had a deep-rooted love, awe, and appreciation of the handiwork of our Creator.
As a minister, I'm blessed to sometimes travel to different areas. On these trips, I often tell my wife "I'll probably take my time and just meander a little bit on the way home…"  The photographs you see here are, for the most part, the results of my meandering…thus the name of the site. 
I hope you'll enjoy the trip with me as you "meander" through the various albums, photographs, and memories I've put together. It's a work in progress but there are scads of memories and stories here. 

Steve S.