Spring 2022
After a long, dull, colorless fall and winter here in Texas (quite possibly the seasons I dread the most since Texas - especially east Texas - has almost no color other than gray for that long stretch) I was able to finally get back on the road and start doing some meandering again. This collection is a bit of a hodgepodge of some of my favorite shots I've collected along the way. The meandering started in mid-April this year...
I referred to this particular image as Hanging Over the Gate simply because that's what I was doing when I snapped this. Driving the back roads of Grimes County, Texas I spotted this view through what appeared to be a ranch gate; it was so perfectly descriptive of southeast Texas and its beauty that I parked the truck, hung over the gate for a few minutes, and snapped up several shots of this gorgeous territory. I do love my Texas!
Probably my favorite shot of the whole trip and one that I barely managed to escape with. I'd had this place scoped out for awhile (very popular with photographers during bluebonnet season!) and had been on the road all day long. About an hour before sunset, I got caught in a high-traffic area that set me back by several minutes. Time of sunset on this particular day was 7:50PM, and I arrived here at 7:48PM. The sky was cloudless, so I knew I wouldn't get that "breathtaking" sunset full of vibrant colors, but I was still awestruck by the brilliant orange flames at the end of the day. Parked my truck and managed to get across the road and hunker down in the field of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush just in time to fire off a couple of last-second shots. Last-second shot though it was, I was still extremely pleased with the way this one turned out.
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